The Long Road of Esau

The story of Jacob and Esau is one of my favorites. The reason is because I when I first read about these brothers, I was blown away by the family dynamics in this story. The twins have contempt for each other from the time they are in Rebekah’s womb! There is clear favoritism from the parents. There is lying and deceiving and conniving! There are death threats and hot anger! If you’ve never encountered this story, I highly recommend reading Genesis 25:19-33:20. While Jacob fascinates me in his own right, lately, it’s Esau I’ve been considering.

Long Road Esau

The Long Road of Esau

Where did the road lead Esau 
after the hunt?
After a bite of delicious stew?
After Jacob stole what was his?
After grief?
After raging anger?
After a bitter grudge?
After an intentional marriage to spite his father?

Where did the road lead,
that years later,
when Esau met Jacob on the road,
he ran and embraced his brother with a kiss?

Along the way,
what took his breath away?
What made him belly laugh?
What was he grateful for?
What peace did he become aware of?
What wisdom was given him?
Where did his anger flee?
How did he let go?

If I could ask Esau anything,
I may ask nothing,
but simply walk by his side
and learn from his gait.

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  1. Kristen Rietkerk

    thanks Ally. I’ve never liked Esau…nor did I entertain wanting to know anything more about him. Jacob was the winner! Thanks for stretching my imagination.

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