Letting Go (Visual Poem)

This is the follow up visual to my previous post. I had fun getting my watercolors and colored pencils out to create this visual poem. It was spur of the moment. I didn’t spend loads of time on it. But, here’s the thing: It’s the freedom to spend short spurts of time on creative endeavors which helps me to keep creating. If I get too bogged down in needing hours to create, I talk myself out of it. But, fifteen minutes – I can do that! So, keep practicing! Even if it’s five minutes.

let go2

Letting go is throwing caution to the wind —
Trusting the One greater than I will catch me when I fall.
Surrendering control
for the gift
of peace and serenity.






  1. Any chance that you might print this and sell it?

    1. Hi Kat, Thank you so much for asking! My plan is to change the resource section of my site with an option to buy artwork. I’m also hopeful to have more downloadable options (free & purchasable) for those who work with small groups, etc. My hope is to have some of this up and running in the Fall.

  2. Ally, you are amazing!! Love this!

  3. Pat Markotich

    Your writing is great. I enjoy your posts tremendously.

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