For the Teachers

As the school year comes to a close, I am incredibly grateful for another year of teachers who breathe into my children’s lives in their personal, unique way. Offering a prayer this day to teachers all over the world:


Thank you for teachers near and far.
Thank you for wise teachers who create safe spaces for children to grow.
Thank you for organized teachers who prepare, on their off hours, to give of their best.
Thank you for writing teachers who spark imagination through epic tales.
Thank you for logical teachers who instruct with strategy.
Thank you for earthy teachers who are conscious of living green.
Thank you for history teachers who regard the past with respect.
Thank you for laughing teachers who love a good joke.
Thank you for serious teachers who understand pain and hurt.
Thank you for teachers of authority who set guidelines and rules to follow.
Thank you for nurturing teachers who are open arms for their students.
Thank you for boisterous teachers who lead with enthusiasm.
Thank you for quiet teachers who guide with a gentle voice.
Thank you for athletic teachers who model an active lifestyle.
Thank you for library teachers who read aloud with pizzazz.
Thank you for music teachers who share their joy of melody and harmony.
Thank you for art teachers who express passion through creating.
Thank you for drama teachers who coach on the power of voice.
Thank you for counseling teachers who listen with loving ears.
Thank you for special needs teachers who care tenderly.
Thank you for cafeteria teachers who serve the hungry.
Thank you for nurse teachers who welcome with a cold pack and band-aid.
Thank you for janitor teachers who clean up messes.
Thank you for assistant teachers who lend a hand in any way needed.
Thank you for afterschool teachers who give extra time to advise.
Thank you for principal teachers who encourage & equip their staff.
Thank you for administrative teachers who keep the school running.
Thank you for parent teachers who support with time & effort.
Thank you for homeschool teachers who dedicate their efforts to their family.
Thank you for college teachers who spur on and challenge the next generation.
Thank you for lifelong-ed teachers who know curiosity doesn’t end.

Yes, from school to church to work to home, we have an abundance of daily opportunities to see the many teachers in our lives. Thank you for each individual who has added to our desire to learn: For the Sunday School teacher who shares his love of God to a coworker who walks us through a challenge. For the past English teacher who stretched our understanding of great literature to our children, also teachers, who remind us to play.

Mostly, Jesus, I thank you for being our Loving Teacher, who came to show us how to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8). May we follow in your compassionate ways. Amen.

Need a prayer this day? I’m happy to lift you up. Contact me over here.



    Another shining moment in my day…thanks Ally for the reminder of how grateful we all should be for the “teachers” in our world, past and present.

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  2. The VanDykes

    VERY kind and thoughtful, Ally…as is your way. I sent it on to my daughters…both teachers…( : and to my dear friend in CA …also a teacher and actually tho retired did a 4 month stint in elementary school this winter in her former school for a teacher on leave. At our age!! Omgosh. I couldn’t at this age! She is amazing. ( :

    Now as Mom you have to take on ALL…yes, ALL the roles you mention. Right? And if you sometimes get frustrated… it is altogether amazing anyway! Take some credit! ( : And remember to breathe!

    Love you, Ally… She

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