Rising (into Glory)

Happy Easter, friends! Thank you for journeying with me through this Lenten season. Writing from different Biblical perspectives through Lent has been a rich time of learning for me, both personally and spiritually. On Ash Wednesday, I shared the poem, Rising (from the Ashes). Today, I share this poem rewritten for Easter, Rising (Into Glory). May this day bring you joy and peace as you dwell on the mystery of Jesus’ resurrection. Peace and blessings, Ally

Phoenix glory

Rising (into Glory)
Today, I awoke to slivers of light cascading through my window.
Beams of light followed my form,
footprints left a fluorescent glow,
praise flowed free from my mouth.

Luster streamed into my bones,
reminding me of my goodness,
the blessed trinity I reflect,
the divine spark I carry within.

I laughed about everything that had everything to do with light.
And, then, I praised.

I praised for the way light infiltrates the very core of my being.
For the way it guides in whispers,
the love it promotes as gentle permission,
the healing it wraps in waves of comfort.

I praised how life, at times, is overflowing with light.
For sacred connections with friends,
miracles and prayers answered,
welcome guests at my doorstep.

I praised for this light woven into the goodness of humanity.
For helpers at every tragedy,
children’s honest innocence,
brave leaders who change systems.

Because I praise,
Today, I take my sunlit body,
the one that will rise to glory one day,
 I walk into this place, this sanctuary.

I am marked by a mix of shining eyes
and inner radiance, the touch of one greater than I
who exudes grace, mercy and love
among a pack of likewise gleaming pilgrims.

“He is Risen!”

I hear the story again, the tale I can’t get enough of
about the God-man who rose into glory.
He took the mar and filth, the suffering and doubt;
and transformed it to light.

To light!

This light is spread wide over the world
And, here I am again, believing
this praising of light
leads to resurrection.

Praising the one who rose to light,
silently trusting my rising upon death,
in this rhythm of praise and silence,
lies a mysterious faith holding my hope.

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  1. Happy Easter Ally!

  2. I love you, Ally. It was a good Lenten season. Your thoughts, your words they always seep in and shed new light for me.

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