This week, Americans will travel, prepare and ready for Thanksgiving, a day in remembrance of a harvest feast between uncommon friends, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. Nowadays, on Thanksgiving, many will feast on turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings with loved ones. It’s a day to gather and give great thanks to God for all we’ve been given. Today, I offer you this blessing for your week. Much love, Ally

Blessings 3May today be filled with gratitude, eyes open to all God has given

May traveling mercies carry you effortlessly to loved ones

May joy greet you, old hurts forgiven and new paths created

May wild laughter be abundant, causing eyes to wrinkle and tears to stream

May all be welcomed to the table, a vast array of stories shared from young and old

May the feast of food and fellowship nourish bellies and souls

May the focus of celebration be thanksgiving to our lavish, loving God

As the day closes, may the peace and comfort of Christ wrap you in a blanket
of deep sleep, refreshing your mind, heart and spirit


Written by Ally Markotich (c) 2015